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tickling mom´s friend in nylons
this happened when i was about 11 years old.
i was at the house of one of my neighbors friend doing nothing, just watching tv. it was only me and my friend. her mom arrived from her job and sat in the couch. she removed her shoes and put her feet in the small table in front of her. she picked up the phone and call somebody. she was there talking in the phone and me and my friend were sitting there watching tv in the same room. her hosed feet were beautiful in tan pantyhose. she was wearing a black dress and tan pantyhose. she is a tall brunnete and beautiful woman and was 44 years old at the moment. suddenly my friend stood up and told me that he was going to visit his girlfriend. she live in the same street that we were. so in the house was me and my friend´s mom and she was still on the phone. i went to the kitchen to drink some water and when i came back i sat on the floor near her hosed feet. she was still there on the phone. i started to tickle one of her foot very slowly touching just the hose. she just wiggle her toes but she didn´t remove her feet from the table. when i looked at her she was smiling but still on the phone. i tickled both hosed feet for about 25 minutes very lightly and all the time she was just smiling. at one moment she said to the other girl on the phone that someone was tickling her feet and that was feeling very good. she told the girl that one child friend of her son was doing the tickling but it was good because i was doing slowly and like that she can handle it. my friend came back and before he enter into the house i stopped the tickling. when she finished the phone call she stoop up and before she left the room to go to her bedroom she pass one of her hand on my hair with a big smile on her face. i tickled her after this twice but thats another stoy.
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I really like your stories, I don't have experiences like yours but I love the anything to do with tickling women's nylon feet. 
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